Our Story: We’ve found something a little easier to use!

We’re far too busy in other areas of the business to build our own evergreen content distribution system, but we have discovered Buffer.

Buffer makes it much easier to share content. You can just navigate to one of your web pages, highlight some text and press a button in your browser and hey-presto, some content has been scheduled for us. It still takes a few minutes each morning, but at least we can re-buffer old content which is useful.

The browser plugin is great and works across multiple browsers. This means you can be logged into multiple accounts across multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari etc) and post to different accounts with relative ease.

If you find something useful on the internet that you want to share with others, just press the button and it is buffered.

While this saves some time over Hootsuite, it is still a job that has to be done every day or every few days if you can buffer enough up.

There are a few scenarios where Buffer won’t let you re-buffer and the history of the free accounts only go back so far.