Platform updates – Week 2, 2018

This week we have a couple of the new items of functionality, lots of product updates and we’re working on some exciting new functions which should be ready next week.

  • NEW – Campaign expiry dates – Individual pieces of content can be set to expire after a certain date. We have now added this functionality to the whole campaign. The dashboard numbers are also updated to reflect this.
  • NEW – RSS post templates – Users can now define their own content template when sharing RSS posts. [title] [content] [thanks]
  • Update the default content template – When users import content from their website into social media posts, the content is laid out using the companies own template. We have adjusted the default template to include the [title] [content] and [tags].
  • Google UTM campaign tracking codes  – UTM ‘source’ code has been updated to ‘DigitalSplash’.
  • Client registration screen – The new client registration screen has been updated to make it easier to choose between signing up as an agency or a single company.
  • AI bot onboarding process – The AI bot onboarding process has been updated to make the flow a little easier to follow.
  • Company edit screen – A few edits to the layout of the company edit screen have been made making it easier to find and update your company data.
  • Campaign Content > swap image – Images against individual pieces of content can now be swapped with a single button press.
  • COMING SOON – When we share content to social media, we simply append the URL/link at the end of the post. Users will soon be able to define where in the content templates the [link] will appear. This will affect 3rd party RSS posts and their own content.
  • COMING SOON – We’re currently working on importing content via XML sitemaps. This will allow e-commerce users to import all their products into Socias and quickly create campaigns based on their product inventory – all following their own template.