Platform updates – Week 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

We’ve been busy this week getting the platform ready for beta testing, but we’ve managed to get a few improvements added to the system.

  • Rebuild the Social Media Engine – The social media engine is the software that checks if you have content that needs publishing. This update allows the social media engine to run more independently, rather than relying on other pieces of code and systems outside of the engine. This means changes made outside of the engine won’t effect how the engine performs.
  • Allow individual pieces of content to have their own URL – A campaign has lots of pieces of content. This content is published in social media and drives traffic to a single web page. The web page is determined by the URL of the parent campaign. This week we add the option to for individual pieces of content to drive traffic to another page. This is purely optional and if left empty, traffic will go to the campaign URL. This allows more flexibility in more Digital Flow works for you.
  • IP address tracking – We’ve spent a lot of time working on click tracking. This allows all your clicks to be tracked and ensure you have an accurate set of analytics. When a click is detected, we check the IP address and cross reference against our bot IP address table. If the click is a bot, we remove the click from the database and reduce your click count accordingly.
  • Tracking clicks from Email Marketing Systems – We’re excited to add new functionality that will allow our users to track clicks from email systems such as Infusionsoft, MailChimp and Outlook. (Outlook links such as those found in your email signature). This won’t affect other tracking systems such as those build into Infusionsoft and MailChimp, they will operate as normal, but it will allow Socias to track those clicks too, allowing you to see everything in one place.