Platform updates – Week 8, 2018

This week’s updates are mainly on user experience and tidying things up a little bit when using the platform on a mobile device.

  • UPDATE – Mobile graph heights – We’ve given a little more space to allow the graphs to breathe a little bit when viewed on a mobile device.Mobile Graphs


  • UPDATE – Mobile top menu – We’ve just given the top menu area a little tidy on a mobile device.Mobile Menu


  • UPDATE – RSS Get content – The RSS ‘get content’ screen has been restyled a little bit so users can see more content.RSS - Get content


  • COMING SOON – Use images from Google Drive – Currently, users can select images for their social media from their website, but there are occasions when you want to use another source of images. The first file sharing API we are adding is from Google Drive. We may add DropBox and other similar image sharing platforms in the future.