Platform updates – Week 7, 2018

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update, but we’re still working hard on tweaking the existing build.

  • NEW – Content with no links – Up until now, all content in Socias is published with a link. This means whenever something is published to your social media channels, it includes a link to your content. This is great, however, there are occasions when you just want to post an update, with no link. This is actually better for some social media algorithms. The networks actually want users to stay on the networks and if every post has an outbound link, your content is often downgraded. So users now have the option to post with or without a link.Edit Social Media Content - Socias
  • UPDATE – 3rd Party Campaigns  – We’ve removed the (optional) expiry date from 3rd Party Campaigns, it simply is not needed. The user can still assign expiry dates to any pieces of content though.
  • UPDATE – Dashboard  – On the dashboard, we show how many pieces of 3rd Party Content have yet to be published and how many days worth of content is left (based on your schedules). We noticed this was not quite calculating correctly, so this has been corrected.Dashboard Social Media Channels data
  • UPDATE – 3rd Party RSS Feeds – Atom feed type has been added. There are basically two types of RSS feeds and it was reported that Atom feed types were not importing, so we have added this feature.
  • UPDATE – 3rd Party Content Length – We reported that the content length was not quite calculating correctly when adding new content. This is quite important as we need to ensure Tweets are less than 288 characters, including the URL link.
  • UPDATE – Campaign edit save notifications – Whenever you edit any data in the campaigns, the data is automatically saved. Some users felt they needed a notification to confirm the data save, so we added a quick flash-up notification which works well and gives all users the pieces of mind that their data has been saved.