Platform updates – Week 18, 2018

Back again with the product updates with a few tweaks that have improved DS

  • NEW – 3rd party articles – When someone clicks on the 3rd party post from their social media feed, we give the option to redirect the user straight to the article, or iframe the article and add a small banner to the bottom of the page. However, some websites do not allow display in an iframe. We now detect this and redirect direct to the article if the article website does not support iframes. We also now pull through the open-graph tags from the original article through to the iframe page.
  • NEW – Content planning – We have added ‘Press Release’ as a new content type in the content planning tool.
  • UPDATE – Content Categories – When users edit their content category names, they can now also edit the short code for the category too.
  • UPDATE – Content Queue – Users can now edit the content in the social media queue. This means if you spot something that you just want to do a small edit on you can. The changes will be written back to the database so the change take effect next time that post is published.