Platform updates – Week 17, 2018

A busy week this week with plenty of updates and new features to help improve usability, all based on customer feedback.

  • NEW – Account Creation – Add Categories – Now when you register your account it will give you two default categories automatically, which will be ready for you to use. These are promotional and educational categorises. This also helps streamline the initial onboarding process.Capture


  • UPDATE – Campaigns Page – Tidy Up – The clicks per hour chart has been moved from the campaigns page to the main dashboard. This, along with a general tidy up of the Campaigns page makes it easier to access and understand your campaing data.Capture


  • UPDATE – Add a Campaign via URL – When a campaign is being added through the four step process, on the final step with the hashtags, if there is no hashtags selected it will notify you and ask if you want to continue without any hastags. Capture


  • NEW – Unique Social Media Post – With the new changes that social media sites have put in place, you can’t post similar/identical content from across different accounts. This new feature will inform you if you need to make your content a little more unique.


  • NEW – Word and Character Count – In the content planning module, it will now show a word and character count at the top of your drafted page.Word Count


  • NEW – Session Kept Alive – If you leave your page open for a while, your login session will be kept alive so you can pick up from wherever you left.