Platform updates – Week 14, 2018

This week there was a couple updates regarding the 4 step process of getting content from a URL, and adding the company address to the profile. There has been a fix to the error to the way the IP clicks were being recorded.

  • UPDATE – Get content from URL – 4 step process – Now added in a four step process to copy content from your website into social media posts. First step being getting content from the URL. Secondly, choosing what type of content category you wish to use. Thirdly, adapting the content specifically to make the posts clear and understandable to your audience. Finally, whether any hashtags will be added which will increase the social media reach.
    4 step process

  • UPDATE – Company website address added to company profile – This is then used as the default web address when getting content from your website.
    Company Address

  • FIXED – Time zone change, change the way click IP’s are recorded – Due to the time zone change, there were some clicks onto the website which were recorded twice, or multiple times. Therefore, some coding was corrected in that it doesn’t count the double clicks that some people were doing, in which would give us the correct information.