Platform updates – Week 12, 2018

Introducing a couple new features. We’ve added 3rd party posts with a banner linking back to your website. Also, making it easier to delete from the media library, with a few updates on some current features.

  • NEW FEATURE – 3rd party posts with banner linking back to own website – Now when we use 3rd party posts, there is a company banner at the bottom of the page, which can show the logo, call of action and a direct link to the website. This is beneficial because it is further advertising which would increase the number of traffic visiting the company website.
  • NEW FEATURE – Media – Delete – When deleting images from the media library, the system will check whether that image is being used in any current campaigns.Media - Delete
  • UPDATE – After editing a SM post image, remember our scroll position – When you edit a post from a campaign, it will go back to its previous position in the list.Edit SM post
  • UPDATE – Add new SM post > after refresh, scroll to bottom of table – When adding a new post to a campaign, it will appear at the bottom of the list and is automatically scrolled to it.Add new SM post
  • UPDATE – Browser Extension > Remember last company shared to – When posting content for more than one company, the browser extension will now remember which company you last posted on, saving you time.