Our Story: Perfection in waiting and evolution

Last year we found a partner who’s system appeared to do nearly everything we wanted to do on Social Media! This was great news. Finally, a low maintenance method of sharing content on our social media channels!

While we were waiting to be set up on the partner platform, we began writing a few PHP scripts that would collect content from our websites, store them in a database, ready to be copied over to the platform.

After some more waiting, we reluctantly wrote the scripts that would just post the content directly on our social media channels. It worked but was not as feature rich as we would have liked, but it will do until we get set up on the partner platform.

No more HootSuite, no more Buffer to post evergreen content (although we still relied on Buffer for a few networks).

Finally, after a year of waiting and being let down on some other areas, we gave up on the other platform.

The good news is that other areas of the business were doing well. This gave us the opportunity to invest time in our own system which gave birth to Socias.

The goals of Socias:-

  1. Designed to work as simply or as complex as the user needs
  2. Give the user full control of the content and schedules with a professional interface
  3. Measure the success of the social media campaigns
  4. Measure the success of all website traffic from multiple sources – joining all the digital dots
  5. Content planning tools – so your website is correctly structured to conversion and sharing