Our Story: There must be something else

We’ve begun to use Hootsuite. What a great platform!

Connect all your accounts, set up your schedules and upload your spreadsheet of content.

We like the fact that you can interact with all your channels (well most of them) from within the platform, but to be fair, we find it easier to interact on our mobile devices as it’s instant. Push notifications on your device mean you can reply instantly, rather than having to wait until the next time you are logged in to HootSuite.

The only minor issue is uploading your content. Your spreadsheets have to be right. You cannot duplicate your content either.

This means with Twitter, where you have to post quite a few times per hour for any chance of anyone seeing your content, you have to upload a lot of content. Then you also have to randomise your spreadsheet so the content is mixed up and appears more natural. This makes the uploading new content a bit of task. These tools are here to save time.

All we’re doing is copying content from our website into a spreadsheet. Mixing it up. Uploading the spreadsheet. Correcting errors. Uploading again. There must be a better way of publishing evergreen content?

An idea awakes…