You can create one or more social media schedules for each of your channels.

How to manage or add new schedules

On the main menu on the left-hand side of the screen, click Schedules.


  • Add Schedules – click Add Schedule to add a new schedule.
  • Edit – allows you to edit the existing schedule. You can also delete a schedule using this option.
  • Days – shows which days the schedule will post on.
  • Times – shows which days and from which category content will be selected.

Adding and editing a schedule

When you click add or edit above, you will see the following pop-up:-


  • Schedule Name
  • Schedule Short Name – This is displays on the campaign screen. (On the campaigns screen you can select with schedule the campaign content is eligible for).
  • Channel – Choose a social media channel that this schedule will post on.
  • Schedule Type – You can choose between ‘days’ of the week or a ‘from/to’ date range.
  • Days – If you chose ‘Days’ in the schedule type above, you can click days on and off as appropriate.
  • Schedule Time & Category – Here you can add new times to the schedule. Just select a time and a content category and your new time slot will be added to the time slot list.
  • Time slot list – This shows the existing time slots and category types that will be used on this schedule.