Checking for new 3rd party content

Checking for 3rd party content is perhaps something you should do every day or once a week. Very much depends on how many times you post 3rd party content in your schedules.

Some systems will get content and automatically publish it. However, this functionality will add content that is not relevant, even with positive and negative keywords. We may add this function in the future if there is enough demand for it.

How to check for new content

Go to your campaigns screen and click the blue button CHECK FOR NEW CONTENT.

This will take you to the following screen:-


The Socias AI bot will tell you how it is progressing. This may take a little time depending on the speed of your connection and that of the websites you are checking. The process checks each of your RSS feeds and follows each of the links and brings all the information back to Socias. It will also check if you already have added the content to the system already.

  • Live Preview – On the right is a live preview of the selected web page. This allows you check that the content to relevant.
  • Content Widgets – On the left is a widget for each piece of content.
    • Name of Campaign Feed
    • Content – This will be made up of the web page title (H1 tag) and a small piece of text from the page (meta description). This can be edited now and also in the future by going to your campaigns page and editing the content.
    • Characters – This shows how many characters the content is made up of.
    • View link in new tab – Pressing this will open the page in a new browser tab.
    • Text suitable for – Shows which social media channels the content is suitable for. For example, Twitter only allows 280 characters. We also take into consideration the length of the link and any ‘thank you’ text. You can edit the content to make is suitable.
    • + ADD 2W – Will add the content to your library and it will be available for selection for 2 weeks.
    • + ADD 1M – Will add the content to your library and it will be available for selection for 1 month.
    • + ADD – Will add the content to your library and it will be available forever. Ideal for evergreen content.

All you have to do

  • Content – Check the content is ok and/or edit.
  • + ADD – Decide whether to add for 2 weeks, 1 month or forever.

When will be 3rd party content be published?

3rd party content is set up in your schedules. 3rd party content is just classed as another category of content.