Add 3rd party feed

Adding a 3rd party content to your social media feeds is a sure way to demonstrate your expertise in your field.

Adding a ‘3rd party feed’ means you will create a campaign which will contain lots of links to other peoples content. Even though we are sending traffic to other peoples websites, we will still record the click. This helps you determine what type of content people are interested in which may help drive your own marketing campaigns in the future.

How to add a 3rd Party Feed

From the campaigns page, click Add Campaign > Add 3rd party

Campaign - Add drop down

From the Main Menu, hover over Campaigns, click Add 3rd party

Campaigns - Submenu

You will now be taken to the following page:-

Campaigns - Add 3rd Party

All you have to do

  • URL – Enter the URL of the 3rd party RSS feed
  • GET CONTENT – Click Get Content and we will check it is a valid RSS feed and get the title of the feed.
  • SUBMIT – Click Submit to finish. You will then redirected to the campaign page. You can add content to your campaign by checking for new 3rd party content.


How do I find 3rd party RSS feeds?

Most website will have a 3rd party RSS feed.

  • Firstly find a website that has content relating to your field.
  • Try searching Google for ‘My industry blog’. Ie ‘accounting blog’, or ‘digital marketing blog’.
  • Go to their website and add /rss or /feed onto the end of their website address. Ie or You should be redirected to their rss feed. Copy the new URL and paste into our tool.
  • Another method, try looking in the footer of the website and look for RSS feeds.
  • Note some websites use another URL for their RSS feed. In the exmaple above, Digital Marketing Institute use feedburner. This is perfectly acceptable.


How do I get content from my RSS feed?

The above process is just adding a feed URL a Socias campaign. It’s very quick and simple.

But you still get content from that feed and add it to the campaign. You can add content to your campaign by checking for new 3rd party content.