Campaigns are the life and blood of Socias. Each campaign has a job to do – drive traffic to a single page of your website.

Typically a web page will be education, promotional or helping to establish you as an expert by publishing influencer content. You may even have specific landing pages for particular products or services.

Rather than mix up all your campaigns and content, we allow you set up categories, so you can easily organise your content and specify a nice content mix within your social media campaigns.

Add Campaign

Allows you add new campaigns.

Campaign - Add drop down


Clicks on your website

This widget shows you graphically how many when you publish to your channels and the resulting clicks on your website.

Dashboard - Clicks

  • GB Only – By ticking the GB only button, we will show you just data based on your home country. The wording of the button will change depending on your the country set in the company billing address.
  • Date Slider – By moving or expanding the slider, you can view different date ranges.
  • Filters – By clicking the filters at the bottom of the graph, you show and hide information on the graph. Ie click once on ‘LinkedIn Clicks’ and we will hide that data line. Click again and we will show it.
  • Hover over data – By hovering over a date/time, we will show you how many times you published to each social media network and how many clicks you received.
  • Hover over data + click – By clicking any of the data points, we will show you a table of which campaign, channel, IP address, date/time of the click and which country the click came from. This is the same information that is recorded by your web server and is (UK/EU) GDPR compliant as it does not identify an individual. Clicking on the IP address will give you more information about the IP address.

Campaign Categories

This widget shows you all your campaigns organised by campaign category.

Campaigns - Categories

  • Categories – Your campaign categories are colour coded so you can easily identify them throughout the platform. You can change the colours of each category in category setup. Clicking on a category will show will campaigns attached to that category.
  • Name – The name of your campaign. Just underneath is a link to where the campaign will links to, Ie where the campaign is driving traffic to.
  • Schedules – Here you can turn on and off which schedules the campaign can be used with. Click a schedule to turn it on or off.
  • Content Count – Shows how small pieces of content your campaign has.
  • Publish Count – Shows how times a piece of content has been published.
  • Click Count – Shows how many times your campaign has been clicked on.
  • CR – Click Ratio shows for each publish, how many clicks it has attracted. In the example above, each publish has resulted in nearly 12 clicks (on average).
  • Actions > View – Show a more detailed view of the campaign, with more data and allows you to edit and add more small pieces of data.