Campaign Categories

Campaign categories allow you separate your content into different types of content. This is useful for two things.

  • Separate your campaigns on the campaigns page. This allows you to more quickly find your campaigns and they are not all mixed up.
  • Separate your content within your schedules. This allows you to easily ensure you can use the ‘rule of thirds‘ within your social media schedules. There are many suggestions out there, but we like Educational, Promotional and sharing influencer content (3rd party content).

How categories effect your campaigns

Campaigns - Categories

  • The list of campaigns is separate by colour coded accordions.
  • You can change the category of your campaign on the campaign details screen.

How categories effect your schedules

Categories - Schedules

  • On the schedules screen, you see how clearly your categories are shown.
  • In the example above (for twitter), we are posting promotional content 6 times a day, educational 5 times a day and 3rd part content 4 times a day. We are also choosing to post from any category at 12:15.

Editing and adding new categories

Navigate through the main menu on the left to Campaigns > Category

Campaigns - Submenu

This will take you to the category management screen.


  • +Add Category – In the pop-up, give your category a name, a short code and a colour
  • Edit – Allows you to edit your category details
  • Delete – Allows you to delete the category. Any campaigns attached to this category will be marked as ‘Uncategorised’.