Learn the Lingo of Socias

Below is a list of common terms we use in this documentation and in the Socias system. If there is anything missing or not clear, please get in touch and we update this page.

  • Dashboard – The dashboard is a single screen that gives high-level information about all of your digital marketing efforts.
  • Campaigns – A campaign is a single digital marketing campaign. Each campaign will direct website traffic to a single page on your website. Each campaign contains lots of content. Each piece of content is an effort to entice users to click on the content and land on your website.
  • Categories – Each campaign can be categorised. Categories can then be used in social media schedules.
  • Channels – Channels are individual social media channels. For example, your company Twitter account, your company LinkedIn account, your own personal LinkedIn account are all examples of channels.
  • Companies – Company is your company/business PLUS any companies that you manage social media on their behalf (agency only).
  • Queue – A social media queue is a listing of what will be posted on social media in the future.
  • Tags / Hashtags – Tags can be used in your campaign content which is shared on social media. If you can content that relates to a particular subject, ie running, you might use #running as a hashtag. People searching for #running are then more likely to see your post and click on it.
  • Users – Users are people in your company that have access to your Socias platform.
  • Schedules – A schedule is a list of times that content will be published to each channel.