​What is included in a campaign?

​Again, this varies from post to post. Each campaign is built using the paragraphs and sentences from your website. Our own campaigns range from 10 to 60 posts per campaign. Each page and/or article can become a campaign. Depending on if your campaign is of evergreen, or eductional content your campaign can last for a long time, basically until you want to change it. 

​How does it work? 

​Once your campaign has been put into Socias, you can schedule the times and the channels you want that campaign to be posted out to. Once you have set your channels and schedules up, that campaign will be posted out to certain channel and time.

How much will it cost to set campaigns up?

​Costs vary, much depending on the length of each page or article you’d like to post. Smaller ones may take 10/15 minutes, but I’ve known longer one’s to take 40 minutes. So between £10 and £40 per post. Each page and/or article can become a campaign, this it were we split out your content into posts that can be send to your social channels. We would reduce our hourly rate for this activity for you if we were to setup all your campaigns, but there is no reason why you can’t setup them up yourself.

​How much time would it take to set up a ca​mpaign myself?

​ We’re pretty quick, but we know the system. If you wanted to setup your own campaigns, it might be worth budgeting say £160+vat for us to set up ‘some’ campaigns for you. Then you can opt to come in for a training session to learn how to setup the rest of the campaigns – £80.00+vat.

​Are there any other tools you offer?

​We also provide tools such as content planning and website planning. The content planning can used by all your employees when drafting ideas for new blogs posts and newsletters for example. Tasks can be assigned to each other within your business through here as well.

The website planning tool is an easy way to plan website designs to use for your web designers. Like content planning, everyone can view and edit the website plan.

​Do you provide training?

​​Yes we do! We can train you online that usually takes 1-2 hours. We talk you through the step by step process of creating your running campaigns and we can show you how to use the other tools that we offer.